Chimelli kindergarten


Pergine Valsugana (IT)

Renovation and extension of the kindergarten


Services by SB




Pergine Valsugana Minicipality

Arch., structural, HVAC and electrical design

Arch. M.Bastiani

Eng. P.Bombasaro

Arch. M.Bastiani, Eng. P.Bombasaro

The project involves the renovation and expansion of Chimelli kindergarten in the center of Pergine Valsugana; The original building was built at the beginning of 20th century, according to a court typology facing the park behind. The project involved the arrangement of existing space and the construction of a new volume in the central space of the court that is allocated to common activities, such as the gym and the educational laboratory; The project foresees the move of the main entrance on the east side of the lot by a secondary way in order to reduce the risk due to the intense traffic at the original entrance. A global energy improvement of the building as well as the arrangement of the park behind was done as well.






chimelli kindergarten plans