Recycling center - CRM


Baselga de Pinè (IT)

New recycling center


Services by SB




AMNU S.p.a

Arch., structural, HVAC and electrical design

Arch. M. Bastiani

Eng. P. Bombasaro

Arch. M.Bastiani, Eng. P. Bombasaro

The new CRM services the plateau of Pinè and is located at the edge of an agricultural area in the village of Miola. The project involves the construction of a large roofing under which to place the containers for the collection of waste that will be recycled; for this reason a new way at an higher level with respect to the square of maneuver, is foreseen, so as to facilitate unloading. At the west end of the structure, near the center there is a small volume, which houses the office of the staff and a room for the storage of hazardous waste. The vertical structures are made of facing concrete while the roof is made of beams and wood paneling. To limit the presence of CRM in the surrounding agricultural landscape, it has opted to recess in part the collection center in the ground and position along the perimeter some soil mounds that will be greened.









recycling center crm plan