Biomass power plant and district heating


Fierozzo (IT)

New biomass power plant and district heating


Services by SB




Fierozzo Municipality

Structural, HVAC and eletrical design


Eng. P. Bombasaro

Eng. P. Bombasaro, Geom. S. Bastiani

The project involves the construction of a new heating district network powered by a biomass power plant in service of the public buildings of the town of Fierozzo; in a second step also it will also power the private buildings along the network. The new building of the plant has been built northern, along the road that connects Fierozzo to Pal├╣ in an area characterized by a steep slope. With this topographical situation we opted for setting up the 750kW station and the storage of wood chips completely underground; upstream of these it has provided a shed for the storage of wood chips and the apertures for feeding the deposit.







biomass plant general plan