Provvidenza oratory


Pergine Valsugana (IT)

Renovation and extension of the Provvidenza oratory


Services by SB




Natività di Maria

Arch., structural, HVAC and electrical design

Arch. A.Bombasaro, Arch. G.Uliana

Eng. P. Bombasaro, Eng. E. Bombasaro

Arch. A.Bombasaro, Eng. P.Bombasaro

The project involves the recovery and expansion of the building called "Provvidenza" of the '30s of the last century. This building will house various activities of the parish such Scout groups, several rooms for catechesis, spaces for Caritas and a common auditorium at ground floor. The project proposes the extension of the existing building on the east side following its volume and organizational structure. Following the enlargement, it is also intended to reorganize the external spaces with the definition of an entrance square to the street, the gardens with a direct relationship to the large room on the ground floor and a courtyard defined by a new volume on one level on the north side. In the basement floor, under the courtyard, it is planned a new garage and storage accessible by a ramp positioned in the east part of the lot. The building was designed according to the protocol Passivhaus and is undergoing certification.







provvidenza oratory general plan