Cultural institute Bernstol


Pal├╣ del Fersina (IT)

Renovation and extension of the Cultural institute Bernstol


Services by SB




Kultur Institut Bernstol

Architectural, structural, HVAC and electrical

Arch. A.Bombasaro, Arch. N.Natali

Eng. P. Bombasaro

Eng. P. Bombasaro, Arch. A. Bombasaro

The project foresees the expansion and reorganization of the spaces of the Mocheno Cultural Institute. The new building will serve as a point of reference and information for all the activities of the Institute in various locations around the country. The encounter of the new volumes with the base of the existing building sets a new patio access onto which, all public spaces of the building raise. On the entry floor take place the key functions of the institution such as: the area for temporary exhibitions, a library and an auditorium with 60 seats. On the upper floors of the existing building are placed the administration and some workshops. In the basement of the new volumes, with vehicular access from a new volume adjacent to the firefighters building, is the garage and a store-laboratory for the treatment of reserves. The parts of the emerging new volumes, which connect to the base of the existing building and to the firefighters building are covered with slabs of porphyry, characteristic stone of the area. The project also involved the furnishings for the new library that was made in larch wood.








institut bernstol general plan