Innovative ideas for water tanks - Pasteleira


Porto (PT)

Competition for the reconvertion of a disused water tank | 1st prize




SMAS Porto

A. Bombasaro, C. Viana


The theme of the competition is to identify innovative solutions for the reuse of some abandoned water tanks in the city center of Porto. The proposal plans to reuse the reservoir located in the park of Pasteleira and characterized by the presence of two underground hypostyle halls to host a disco. To make this proposal function, it is necessary to build on the back of the two existing halls a new underground volume, that houses the toilets, equipment rooms and two fire escapes. The project hypothesis, considers the possibility both of a partial use of the halls and a diversified use with themed rooms. The main access is in the body, which protrudes in the existing tank, placed aligned with an avenue of the Park.






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