Villa Adelia Suster


Strigno (IT)

Restauration of a historical Villa and park


Services by SB




ASZ S.a.s

Architectural, structural and HVAC design

Arch. A.Bombasaro, Arch. N.Natali

Eng. P.Bombasaro

Eng. P.Bombasaro, Arch. A.Bombasaro

The project involves the restoration of the compendium called "Villa Suster" in Strigno, composed of a set of three buildings dating back to different periods and with distinct formal characteristics. The entire complex is protected by the Authority for Architectural Heritage. The project involves the construction of a touristic business in the three levels of the building called "Melera", the realization of a restaurant in the lower ground floor of Villa Adelia with the construction of new toilets and a new kitchen below the garden of the existing Villa. The Villa will host directional and administrative functions: the project foresees the realization of new services and an elevator shaft in the west body behind theVilla. The barn will be recovered and destined to residence. It is proponed the construction of a basement garage with access from Via Tomaselli and connected directly with the existing buildings in the basement that will serve the entire complex.








villa adelia suster general plan