Rectory park


Pergine Valsugana (IT)

Underground parking and new design for an urban park


Services by SB




Parrocchia Natività di Maria

Architectural and structural design

Arch. A. Bombasaro, Arch. G. Uliana



The project for the park of the rectory of Pergine concerns the space originally intended for the garden bounded on the east side by the rectory building, on the north side by a wall, on the west side by an historic building of the old town, which is currently a lawn???. The project involves the transformation of this space in a small urban park bordered by a portico on three sides with a new access directly from the church square. The western part of the garden will be devoted to urban gardens, adjacent to a small building of support for deposits. On the occasion of this redevelopment we have assumed the construction of underground parking for about 60 cars at the service of the inhabitants of the old town of Pergine; the access ramps to the basement do not interfere with the development of the garden. The perimeter colonnade is expected with structures made of larch and the support buildings are planned to be in white concrete with a washed surface treatment.