New public library


Bressanone (IT)

Competition for a new public library




Bressanone Municipality

Arch. A. Bombasaro, G.Uliana, C.Viana


The architectural competition involves the construction of the new public library of Bressanone, located in Piazza Duomo, using portions of existing buildings and constructing a new building, which connects the abovementioned constructions. The proposal, contrary to the provisions of the announcement, foresees the recovery of the former “Palazzo Vescovile” palace and allocates the latter entirely to the new public library with no need to build a new building. In our opinion, with the adaptation of the former “Palazzo Vescovile” palace, it is possible to obtain a high quality space for the new library, which is unattainable within the limits laid down by the notice. The project proposes a new outer body of vertical connections between the floors and the recovery of the large space in the attic, which will be designated for the main reading room and will be illuminated by some new skylights in the roof. The few remaining functions currently housed in the former “Palazzo Vescovile” are arranged in the other building object of the competition.







competition library bressanone general plan