Biomass cogeneration plant


Pergine Valsugana (IT)

New biomass cogeneration plant for town district heating


Services by SB




VALE S.p.a.

Architectural and structural design

Arch. A. Bombasaro, Arch. G. Uliana

Eng. P. Bombasaro, Eng. Bergmeinster


The project concerns the construction of a biomass cogeneration plant at the service of the heating district network of the city of Pergine Valsugana situated at the edge of an industrial area and the existing rural area. The project strategy was to place the building of the plant on the outer south of the lot in order to clearly define the boundary between the built area and the industrial area; in this strategy the yards for the loading and the storage of biomass are contained within the enclosure defined by industrial buildings. This strategy allows differentiating the internal front, with all the large openings required for loading and unloading of the biomass, from the front towards the landscape that is punctuated by a rhythmic system of slits due to the punctual necessity of ventilation of the plants. The building is developed with bearing walls in face concrete and roof structure is made of laminated wood. The outer perimeter of the area will be shielded by rows of trees in continuity with the system already present in the industrial area upstream.








biomass cogeneration plant general plan