Kindergarten and music school


Sluderno (IT)

Competition for a new kindergarten and music school




Sluderno Municipality

M.Bastiani, A.Bombasaro, L.Sighel, C.Viana


The competition brief is to build a new kindergarten and music room in an area bordering the old town center. The competition proposal foresees a compact building positioned in the north-east part of the plot in a way to define clearly two exterior urban spaces: a new urban piazza toward the town center and a private garden for the kindergarten to the south enclosed by the adjacent buildings of the multipurpose center and primary school. The proposed kindergarten occupies the 2 lower floors of the building with a direct relation to the garden on the ground floor; the music room is located on the top floor and has a relation to the center of the town trough a big corner window.






competition kindergarten sluderno general plans