Dorigatti mountain house


Pal├╣ del Fersina (IT)

Renovation and extension of a mountain house


Services by SB





Architecture, structure, electric and HVAC

Arch. A.Bombasaro, Arch. C.Viana

Eng. P.Bombasaro

Arch. A.Bombasaro

The project involves the transformation of a rural structure, built accordingly to the traditional systems of the valley, in a vacation home on the mountains. The existing building is composed of two floors, the lower story housed animals and the upper one, which was a blockbau structure, was intended to store hay. The project plans to put the living area on the ground floor and the bedrooms upstairs. Upstream, on the ground floor it is planned to erect a new volume completely underground, that will house the kitchen and the services for the existing house, which, in this way, can remain intact; the connection between the two levels will be done through a new internal staircase, positioned in correspondence with a small existing upstream volume.






dorigatti mountain house plans