Floriani apartment


Pergine Valsugana (IT)

Renovation of an apartment in the historical center


Services by SB





Architecture, structure, electric and HVAC

Arch. A.Bombasaro, Arch. Carla Viana

Eng. P. Bombasaro

Arch. A. Bombasaro

The project involves the renovation of an apartment on the third floor and its attic in an interesting building in the historic center of Pergine. Over the years the house has undergone trivial interventions that had tarnished its quality. The project's goal was to recover the quality of the building and transform existing spaces into a comfortable city apartment. The project considers at the lower floor, the entrance, a bedroom, a studio and the related services; on the top floor in the old attic the living area will be placed; the connection between the two levels is achived by a new staircase. To enhance the living area on the attic floor a patio was built, which provides abundant natural light and gives the benefit of a small garden on which the kitchen overlooks. To take advantage of this space throughout the year, it has been specifically developed a sloping window that flows through the thickness of the new roof.







floriani apartment plans