School gymnasium


Berlin (DE)

Competition for a new school gymnasium





Berlin Municipality

M. Bastiani, A. Bombasaro, A. Castro,

N. Natali, G.Uliana


The competition for the realization of a new gym for the "am Karpfenteich" primary school required a strategy for the arrangement of existing outdoor spaces and for the future expansion of the school buildings. The competition project foresees a continuation of the courts structure of the existing school to the street in order to define a new court for accessing to the entire school complex. In this way the existing school, the new gymnasium and the volume for a possible extension are organized according to a clear axial system. The building of the new gym sets a new road front and allows to free up space to the school yard. To better integrate the building of the new gym in the context of the surrounding residential low buildings, it was decided to recess in the ground the game plan in order to have for the gym the same height as the existing school.






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