Ruiu apartment


Trento (IT)

Renovation of an apartment in the historical city center


Services by SB




Fam. Ruiu

Architecture, electric and HVAC design

Arch. A.Bombasaro, Arch. C.Viana

Eng. P. Bombasaro

Arch. A. Bombasaro

The project deals with the inner renovation of an apartment located at the first floor of a building erected in the ’50 in the historical city center of Trento in front of a medieval tower, Torre Vanga. The project foresees a new inner distribution of the spaces with the aim to enhance both the relationship between the living area and the view of the tower and the connection to a big terrace adjacent to the kitchen. The terrace has been renovated with a new floor and the positioning of glass panels as to protect from the noise of the traffic. Parallel to the restyling of the apartment look, it has undergone a deep energetic renovation.







ruiu apartment plan