Piva mountain house


Sant'Orsola (IT)

Renovation and extension of a vacation mountain house


Services by SB




S. Piva

Architecture, structure and HVAC design

Arch. A.Bombasaro, Arch.C.Viana

Eng. P. Bombasaro

Arch. A.Bombasaro

The project involves the transformation of a rural building currently abandoned in a vacation home in the mountains located on the edge of the forest in a plot characterized by terracing walls in stone. The existing building dates back to the beginning of the last century and is built in stone and wood with an essential character; It was used to house a stall with attached kitchen on the ground floor and barn on the top floor. The project includes a lateral extension of the existing volume, which will be covered with larch wood. Upstream, completely underground, it is proposed the addition of a new services body; all spaces of the house will overlook the double height room, corresponding to the ancient stall where also a new stair is.






piva mountain house plans