Medical center


Civezzano (IT)

Competition for a new medical center and pharmacy | 2nd phase




Civezzano Municipality

Arch. A. Bombasaro, G. Uliana, L.Sighel

Selected for 2nd phase

The competition project provides for the maintenance of the central body of the existing theater and the demolition of the service side parts; to replace these parts, it is planned to build two new lateral bodies that will host the functions provided in the notice. In this way, the new building incorporates in its central area the most characteristic of the existing guaranteeing recognition of the facade. The central space of the new building, will function as an urban gallery open to the public, becoming the backbone of the new health services center of Civezzano. Juxtaposed on either side of the central space are located on the east side the space intended for clinics, developed on two levels; on the west side takes place the new pharmacy that is developed entirely on the ground floor and has a quadrangular planimetry. The double height central space accommodates all common and public functions of the new health center.








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