Primary school


Riscone (IT)

Competition for the extension and renovation of a primary school




Riscone Municipality

Arch. A.Bombasaro, G.Uliana, C.Viana


The competition looks for a strategy for the enlargement of the primary school, the construction of a new gymnasium for both the school and the town, the realization of a new elderly day center, and a new underground parking. The proposal foresees tree main buildings connected by an underground service floor. The existing buildings of the school and the elderly center are reorganized and enlarged maintaining the original character of the constructions; the new gymnasium is collocated into the south extreme of the plot in a way to define the playground for the school and to be directly accessible by the road for the utilization by the town inhabitants. Under the school playground, the competition project foresees a new underground floor with the special classrooms (arts and music), the connection to the gym and the underground parking. These spaces are illuminated thought tree circular patios.







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